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Redefining Living

For over four decades, Amacon has been one of the most influential real estate development and construction firms in Canada. With a spectacular portfolio of landmark developments in Vancouver and Toronto, Amacon has established a highly regarded reputation for setting the standard in long term value with each and every development.

Amacon is driven by passion to design with architectural innovation; a commitment to constructing uncompromising standards of quality and superior craftsmanship; and offering responsive customer care and proven satisfaction. These are the building blocks that define Amacon’s signature developments and new communities.

A Letter From Amacon

In 2001, we had a vision of what Parkside Village could be. Since that time we’ve worked diligently toward achieving that vision. This exciting new development has generated great anticipation for us and all those involved. Over the past decades, Mississauga has grown into a world-class city by becoming a business centre and a place to live and prosper. Amacon is proud to be a part of the success that is Mississauga.

From the outset, the vision of creating an urban village has been our driving force. The development of Parkside Village will signal a paradigm shift in the way planners, politicians and residents consider a community. By pursuing the development of a true urban village – one that offers the best features of an urban environment, including walkability, mixed uses, green spaces, social diversity, a good balance between the pedestrian experience and the needs of the car owner, plus transit options, strong design elements and the pursuit of intensification — Parkside Village is offering a bold new vision in the heart of downtown Mississauga.

To make this vision a reality, it was essential to build a team with the breadth of expertise and a shared passion to create a true urban village. We have worked as a team with our urban planners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, environmental engineers and of course the highly qualified staff of the City of Mississauga. Without this collaborative effort by all the members of the team, Parkside Village could not have become a reality.

Thanks to this dedication, the vision of the urban village is now ready to come to life. This is your opportunity to change the way you live, work and play in Mississauga. Everything you need is found at Parkside Village. By being a resident of this new urban village, you will be at the heart of Mississauga’s thriving City Centre.

Parkside Village offers a truly unique urban experience in Mississauga. You can leave the car at home and stroll to your favourite café or restaurant. At your doorstep is the Living Arts Centre, an array of shops and over 3 acres of parkland all a part of the Parkside Village.

We welcome you to join us at Parkside Village to experience all that life has to offer in Mississauga’s first true urban village.


Amacon – Live Well ®