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Block Nine Amenities Sneak Peak

With Block Nine recently completed, there's a lot to look forward to. Block Nine’s array of fabulous amenities are designed to compliment a range of occasions, from extravagant holiday parties to tranquil mornings. The building’s podium boasts a lavish outdoor terrace, with a lounge area that overlooks the landscaped grounds, private dining nooks and several barbecue stations, as well as a separate outdoor children’s play area.

Indoors, you’ll find a kid’s play room, a fitness center and a sun-filled yoga studio. Take your coffee into the library and have a relaxing, undisturbed start to the day with a stack of your favourite magazines. You’ll also find a swank games room, conference space and a sleek party facility with a gourmet kitchen attached. Over three acres of parkland, connected by several landscaped pedestrian paths, are also part of this development, creating a lush and lively streetscape.

Take a sneak peak into Block Nine's amenity rooms with this in-detail walkthrough video!


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